Crochet Garland Commission


I recently had a commission, from a lovely friend, to make a crochet garland for her bedroom.

Now she has received it and is happy with it I can finally reveal what it looks like! It’s taken a while for me to do and I’ve been looking forward to sharing it.

Full Length Garland, by Shirley Rainbow

I made the garland using Rico Essentials Cotton DK, in Plum, Violet, Natural, Sage and Bluegreen. Working with some of these colours was a little out of my comfort zone and gave me a few challenges, as I went through my usual creative cycle ( this is okay, this is not okay, this is really rubbish, I am really rubbish, oh this isn’t so bad after all, actually this is quite good…. !!!) I am now pleased with the result and I may work with purple and lilac again one day!

Detail of Garland made for HG

The patterns I used are as follows:
Large purple flower from Yves Town Blog, pattern here.

Detail of Large Crochet Flower

Small leaf pattern from Attic 24 Blog, pattern here (after the flower pattern).

Detail of Garland inc Small Leaves

Large leaf pattern from Pinterest, slightly adapted by me, pattern here.

Large Leaf Detail from Garland

And the small flower? I made that pattern myself and I’ll be sharing it here soon.

If you are interested in commissioning work from Shirley Rainbow, please contact me at

Thanks for reading!

Teresa x


4 thoughts on “Crochet Garland Commission

  1. It is super lovely! And the colors are SO me! XD I’ll try to make one myself, but if it doesn’t come out right, I know where to get one ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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