Embroidery Inspired by Houses

The area of Nottingham where I live is mostly built up, with a combination of terraced houses, industrial units and Victorian factory buildings. I believe it’s called domestic architecture and it’s the kind of architecture I find most interesting.

Some of the buildings have beautiful features in brick and tiles and the houses often have features such as tiny diamond shaped windows, carved brick work around doorways and windows, and tiles along the roof lines. I have been very inspired by all of these details and used them to create a series of embroidered houses, which are available in my Folksy shop.Three Houses embroidery

I have designed and stitched three houses framed in 3″ embroidery hoops. Each house is different and has details of the houses I have seen.  I’ve added other features too, possibly fantasy or whimsical features, such as a picket fence in mustard yellow and some flowers growing around the doorway.

Mustard house with stripy sky

Mustard House with a Stripey Sky

Door with a pink house

Tiny House with a Pink Door

House with Starry Sky

Embroidered House with Starry Sky

My parents gave me an embroidery book, ‘The Needlecraft Stitch Directory’ by Sarah Whittle,  for Christmas last year, and my husband also recently bought me the Mollie Makes Embroidery book; both have renewed my interest in hand embroidery and stitch samplers. The Victorians in particular were famous for creating large pieces of work which demonstrated their skills in a variety of hand embroidery stitches. These tiny framed houses show a few of my favourite stitches to work.

I’m hoping to use some of the brick patterns I have seen to develop into further pieces of embroidery work. It’s a project to get my teeth into!

Teresa x

If you would like further information on any of the house embroidery shown here, please click on the link below the picture which will take you to my shop listing on Folksy and more detailed information!


10 thoughts on “Embroidery Inspired by Houses

  1. These are great Teresa, lovely designs and I love the story behind them – especially as I used to live in Nottingham! I also really like how you have showcased a range of stitches. Amazing work!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s fascinating isn’t it! I love spotting all the tiny details that are beyond your normal field of vision. I’m very glad you liked my work, and thanks for commenting,
      Teresa x


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