Dressmaking in my spare time: Bettine Dress with an A-Line Skirt

A few weeks ago I shared a Bettine Dress, by Tilly and the Buttons that I had made. (See it here!).  I love this dress, and wanted to make another, quick! I mentioned before that I’d like to try making one with an A-line skirt, and I’ve given it a go with a (sort of) self drafted skirt pattern piece.

Wearing my Bettine with A-line

I originally planned to use the Delphine Skirt pattern from Tilly and the Buttons book, Love at First Stitch, as a template for shape. I traced the pattern out, but used the waist line from the Bettine Dress, so the A-line skirt starts from the hip notch on the pattern piece. However, when I laid the pattern pieces out on the fabric I wanted to use I realised I didn’t have enough fabric for such a full skirt.

Skirt Pattern Bettine A-Line

I should have maybe traced out a new pattern piece with a narrower skirt… But I just folded the pattern over until it fitted with my fabric, which saved a lot of time, and I suppose next time if I have a bigger piece of fabric I can just unfold my pattern piece out!

Happy me in Bettine A-Line!

I then sewed the dress up using all the original instructions and I am SO happy with how it turned out. I’m finding the wider skirt a bit more practical, and it’s a bit more ‘me’ as I do like a swishy skirt.

Italian Town Cotton Lawn

The fabric I’ve used is a very light cotton lawn, called Italian Town. It’s from Fabric Rehab and I’ve bought the last 2m I’m afraid…  I love all the details in the print, as does my 4yr old son; he really likes to spot all the details in the fabric- satellite dishes, washing lines, and little children flying kites.

Have you made a Bettine Dress with any alterations? I’d love to see if you have, please leave me a comment with a link!

Teresa x


9 thoughts on “Dressmaking in my spare time: Bettine Dress with an A-Line Skirt

  1. Brilliant idea! I found the original tulip style skirt had baggy jodhpur effect on my hips, which isn’t me. I’m off to try the a line skirt now. Thanks

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  2. i love your fabric cos I have brought some too!! (great taste!) but I have no idea what to make with it, do you think i need to line this if I made a dress? I brought mine from Sew Over It, and it was sold as cotton voile.

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    1. It’s lovely fabric isn’t it! It is very thin though and I always wear a slip/petticoat under this dress to stop any embarrassing surprises…
      I’d recommend making something simple to let the print show itself off. I seem to remember the fabric being quite narrow too, I only just squeezed this dress out of two metres! I think a simple gathered skirt would look great and that would be fairly simple to line (I think!) Good luck, I’d love to see what you make x 😊


  3. thanks for the advice… STILL undecided, but you are right, need a simple style to show off the gorgeous fabric!! :)) I will keep hopefully have something to show you later this year

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