The end of 2015

Hello! I hope you’ve had a lovely relaxing Christmas. It’s been a good one here, with much of the last few days spent building Lego creations. For me the end of the year is always a time for making plans and reflecting on the year gone by. 

I’m in the vague process of making some equally vague New Years resolutions. The usual things apply- eat more healthily, exercise more, etc,and I always like to add be a better mother, wife, daughter sister and friend! For 2015 I tried to ‘Be Tidier’. Regular visitors to my house will probably agree it usually looks like pixies have run amok (a la Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets). I’m not sure that 2015 was an exemplary year for tidiness at Shirley Rainbow HQ so I’ll be trying again in 2016. 

I’m also going to add ‘Stress Less’ to this years collection of resolutions. I know that last January I got myself bogged down creatively, doing stuff I didn’t really enjoy or need to do, so this January I’ll be taking a bit of a break from Shirley Rainbow, and working on some of my own stuff. So on a final note here are some of my favourite makes of 2015!

What are your favourite creative achievements of 2015, and do you have any resolutions to inspire me? 

Happy New Year!

Teresa X


2 thoughts on “The end of 2015

  1. Lovely post Teresa, and what a gorgeous gallery of creations! I will also be taking January to do some “selfish” crafting, going to try some more dress making and I’m currently making the most of the sleepy post Christmas time to spend hours browsing fabric online. I think I’m going to steal your Bettine pattern hack and try one with an A line skirt!

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    1. Thanks Lucy! Yes, do try an A-line Bettine, so comfy! I’ll look forward to seeing which fabric you choose! I’ve got plans for all sorts of making to beat the January blues… I have a stash of fabric waiting for me and a few little kits as well- eek! Really quite excited…. X


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