Dress making in my spare time: the Megan Dress by Tilly and the Buttons 

Back in November I made another pattern from Tilly and the Buttons , I’m working my way randomly through her book ‘Love at First Stitch’ that I got last year for Christmas. I’ve made the Megan dress.
This dress has been an exercise in perseverance. I’ve never made a fitted dress before, and rather fancied something in denim, inspired by some dresses seen on Pinterest. I bought a medium weight denim with some stretch from Sharmas in Nottingham. 


I naively sailed into making the dress without a toile. This was definitely my mistake- the book advises it too! Oh well. The problem was that the dress fitted on the front, and it was only when I’d inserted the zip that I realised there was a problem. The back was too big! I checked my pattern pieces, had I accidentally cut out the wrong size? Nope, not that… And so a LOT of research began. I turned to my trusty book, The Complete Guide to Sewing, and to the Internet (of course) and discovered I may have a narrow back! The solution is to alter the toile with a large dart to remove the excess fabric, and transfer adjustment that to the dress fabric. However I didn’t have enough fabric to re cut the back of the dress ( and I really couldn’t face redoing the whole of it anyway) so I took in a dart on the actual dress, from the neckline to the bottom of… my bottom! I tack stitched it, and asked my mother and sister-in-law for advice on whether it looked silly. They gave me the go ahead, and ta dah! One Megan dress finished. 


I find that if I don’t finish a project within about five weeks I lose interest or start to dislike it- sort of like a best before date in dressmaking! I have a beautifully made white shirt that I made at a dressmaking course, it took about 4 months. I hated it by the time it was finished, and have only worn it once. I knew that if I didn’t persevere and finish the Megan Dress it too would suffer that fate. I like it and have worn it several times and felt comfortable, which is good! It’s the ideal dress to accessorise- necklaces, scarves, brooches, belts and bright tights here I come! 

Teresa xx
Sewing basket Necklace from Daisy and Alice on Folksy;  Red Clogs from Lotta from Stockholm


7 thoughts on “Dress making in my spare time: the Megan Dress by Tilly and the Buttons 

  1. Quite fancy getting into dressmaking myself one day… I’m so fussy when it comes to clothes, but it would probably take a while before I would be able to make anything that lives up to my own tastes! Your dress looks gorgeous though, very pro!

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    1. Thank you very much!
      Dressmaking isn’t too hard, if I can do it I’m sure you can! If you start with something simple like a skirt, without too many tricky fastenings, in a fabric you love it’s great! I do recommend the Love at First Stitch book as the instructions are really clear. Teresa x

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