#craftblogclub Secret Santa Swap

A few months ago I signed up to the Craft Blog Club’s Secret Santa present swap, and even though it feels like Christmas was months ago, I’m finally getting round to blogging about my gift, and the present I sent. 
I was partnered with Hannah, from the Crafternoon Cabaret Club to send my present to. I already followed her on Instagram so I know she is a very crafty lady, who likes to play around with lots of different bits and pieces. I decided to make a mini craft hamper, with some little bits and bobs to make and create with. 

I included some vintage ribbon, a sticker sheet, some little festive buttons, a handmade brooch, festive coasters and I made a crochet picture frame for Hannah to frame a little snapshot in. 
I was very lucky with my present, as a couple of days before Christmas an enormous box arrived, which felt as light as a feather- very intriguing!! It contained a gorgeous Pom Pom wreath, made by Zoe, from Oodles of Crafts. I’ve hung it on my craft room door, to give me lots of creative Pom Pom vibes as I walk in! 


You can read more about Hannah and what she thought of her gift here and about Zoe, and making my Pom Pom wreath here.
It was a really fun experience, I’d definitely like to join in again next year!

Have a great weekend, 

Teresa xx


2 thoughts on “#craftblogclub Secret Santa Swap

    1. I’ll let you into a secret… It’s a craft room, and also my bedroom. My poor husband! He literally just gets to sleep in there, after turfing loads of craft gubbins off our bed 😁 The craft bit is definitely taking over the bed bit!! He calls it the craft room sarcastically, I really mean it! X


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