Shirley Rainbow is 2! 

After a rather fraught week with poorly children (now much recovered and back to arguing with each other again) I have just realised that Shirley Rainbow is 2! 

My first product was this Beautiful Carrot card, inspired by a comment from my then 2 year old son, who told me quite seriously that I was as beautiful as a carrot! I was extremely nervous when I listed it in my brand new shop on Folksy and when I got my first sale a month or so later I was so excited I did a dance round the kitchen! I knew very little about selling online 2 years ago, and the first few months were a steep learning curve. I think I’ve learned rather a lot over the last two years: making and listing items, how to take better photographs, manage social media and marketing, making commissions, preparing and running craft stalls, selling wholesale, and writing a blog! The best part of having my online shop is that I can fit it in around my children, so today is a day for giving myself a pat on the back, and also going to the post office to send out a Beautiful Carrot card- they are proving popular! 

I’ve created a range of Fruit and Veg cards, which are now available in my All by Mama shop.  All by Mama is a lovely (and award winning) website dedicated to selling beautiful products made by mums working around the joys and demands of family life. I’m working hard to stock up my shop with more items, more news on that soon. 
So here’s to many more years of making, creating and Shirley Rainbow! 
Teresa X


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