Selfish January Crafting

We are over a week into February and I thought I’d share what I got up to during January, my selfish crafting month! 

I made a pair of Ultimate Trousers, by Sew Over It.  They were pretty straight forward to make and I’m rather pleased I finally tackled making some trousers. 

I made an Emery Dress, by Christine Haynes. I love it and I’m planning on making many more! 

I started a revamp of the cushions in my living room. My husband and I are rather bored of the ones that came with the sofa, so I’ve been told I can ‘go mad’ with making some new ones. First up is a crocheted cover, using Stylecraft Special DK, in these colours. I just need to decide how to join the squares and it will be done.

I made this little Happy Scrappy Garland, for my daughter’s bedroom. 

I made some custom Valentines Cards… Which I can’t share anywhere yet! I hope the customers will be happy with them on Sunday. Finally, I also revamped my website! I bought my domain name a couple of years ago, and my dad created a simple site that directed people to my Folksy shop. I’ve now given it an overhaul and added a few more pages and information (yes, all on my own!  I’m rather pleased with myself!)  There is more to come, but if you fancy a nosey, click here, or visit ! Let me know what you think, or if you have any suggestions. 
Here’s to a creative February!

Teresa x

4 thoughts on “Selfish January Crafting

    1. There’s never enough time for craft and fun stuff is there! Mine is always done in bits, here and there.
      I’m glad you like the trousers! I’m looking forward to some warmer weather so I can wear them more.
      Teresa X

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