Me Made May 16- it’s over! 

Well, today is the last day of May which means it’s the last day of Me Made May too. I’ve really enjoyed it! Will I be diving into my shop bought clothes tomorrow? No, not really. I now know where the gaps are in my handmade wardrobe and I feel quite keen to fill them up. On sunny and warm days this month I’ve felt like I have a lot of choice with what to wear, however on colder days it felt harder. So I’d like to make some more cooler weather clothes, or things that are easier to layer up with cardis and jumpers. I’m naturally drawn to cheerful summery prints to sew with, however on dull days I don’t want to wear these clothes! With that in mind I’ve recently bought some lovely indigo chambray, a navy and olive silk and linen checked fabric and a heavy crepe in navy to make some dresses that can be worn all year round. Now I just need to decide on the dress patterns!So, over the last week this is what I wore:

New Look 7654 top in a light weight chambray. I really like the look of this top, however for some reason I decided to use self covered buttons at the back instead of a zip, and as a result the top is very difficult to get fastened without help, and makes leaning against the sofa very very uncomfortable! I think I need to sort this out as this puts me off wearing this top, and I do like it. 

On Tuesday my swishy skirt Bettine Dress made another appearance. I wore my Bettine Dress with an A line skirt on Wednesday but the tights were back on again! To make it a Bettine triple I wore my green Bettine on Thursday. I can’t actually remember what I wore on Friday… I didn’t make a note of it and really can’t think what it was. 

I did manage to finish my Emery Dress in Liberty Tana lawn in time to wear it on my birthday. We had a family day out to Kedleston Hall in Derbyshire and I really felt the birthday girl in my pretty frock. Pattern by Christine Haynes. 

I am really pleased with how this top has turned out- another Bettine Dress into a top, in a striped crepe from Minerva Crafts. It was my first time sewing with crepe and it behaved itself a lot better than I thought it would! I’m wearing it with my new tote bag from the Lucky Dip Club

Monday involved a child free trip to Manchester, and I wore my refashioned bridesmaid dress and enjoyed a cheeky cocktail!

And for the last day of Me Made May I wore my Suzie Top by Sew Over It- this time I took a (slightly odd) photo while wearing it. I like it better than the first time I wore it, but not I’m still not entirely sure. I think it needs to be worn with jeans or it can look too formal. Maybe I need a more modern or graphic print…

And that’s it! I’d like to say a big thank you to everyone who has liked blog posts, Facebook posts and Instagram pics and said lovely things about my clothes. And also to Zoe at So Zo for organising Me Made May 2016. I can now pack up my tripod and forget how to use the auto timer on my camera, until next year!

Teresa x


6 thoughts on “Me Made May 16- it’s over! 

    1. Ah thanks!! I love that dress too but it’s insanely summery! I’m planning on using the navy crepe to make another- for all year round! Glad you’ve enjoyed my Me Made May, lots of love to you, little sister xxxx

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  1. Love it all! I’m glad I’m not the only one who only had summery things. I like buying pretty, cottony fabrics rather than sensible warm things. But it might be wise to consider balancing things out. And I guess sensible doesn’t need to be boring!

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