Crochet inspiration 


Last summer I took some photos from the window of the train, and the colours in these pictures became the colour palette for a crocheted cushion I made for our living room. I’m currently making another cushion cover (very slowly) and as the views from the car window were the same colours I thought I’d share the inspiration and the cushion covers, together for the very first time…
Somewhere between Nottingham and London, from the train.

Outside Nottingham, looking toward Lambley (accompanied by my chilidren fast asleep in the back of the car and oblivious that I was stopping to take photos in a lay-by).

Finished cushion and the work-in-progress cushion. Both are sitting comfortably on the giant granny square blanket my sister made me for Christmas. What do you think of the colours/interpretation? I think maybe I needed a more greeny green in there but I’m mostly happy with it.  Both the cushions and blanket are made using Stylecraft Special DK. I’ll be edging the ripple cushion using Parchment as well for a bit of continuity! I was inspired by Maura, writer and crafter at the  The Messy Brunette blog, and her Vintage Granny Stripe blanket, to use the Parchment coloured yarn, it’s a great neutral that I would have probably overlooked. 

More pictures…

These colours are definitely my go to colours! Clothes, accessories and house decor all seem to end up being part of this colour palette. Sometimes maybe a little bit of pink too! I’m also thinking of branching out into using orange after taking this photo for my husband at the weekend:

What do you think? !

Teresa x


8 thoughts on “Crochet inspiration 

    1. There are far too many wips here too, much more fun to start something new! I think sometimes a project needs to mature nicely in a drawer or basket before it can be finished… I’ll look forward to seeing your blanket when you get it done (no pressure! 😊)

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  1. Oooh, I am looking to decorate our new camperette with crochet cushions and blankets but I am struggling with colour ideas. Love your choices. So far everything I have is very 70s, oranges, browns and yellows and it’s not fresh enough. Just off to see if I have any of these colours in my stash 🙂

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  2. I was admiring your ripples a while back on Instagram. It’s fascinating to see where the inspiration comes from. As for the orange, well I always thought I didn’t like it but then Stylecraft brought out the spice shade and I love it now!

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    1. That’s the shade I thought I might have a go with!
      It’s funny how our attitude to colours can change and we like something previously disliked. Mustard yellow for one, a few years ago I wouldn’t have gone near it! Now my kitchen has a mustard yellow wall, and I wear it loads!

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