Crafting Gold (and silver and bronze!)

I’ve been really into metallics this year, I bought a gold spotted sweatshirt in the January sales and some gorgeous gold brogues from Clarks too, so when I saw on Instagram that one of my favourite online haberdashers, Cloud Craft was selling iron-on metallic vinyl I knew I had to have a go! 

As with all my orders from Cloud Craft it arrived very quickly and I couldn’t wait to have a little go. I bought one sheet of gold, silver, bronze, copper and pewter. The instructions provided were very clear, and I tested my fabric to see if it could withstand the hot iron. I had a go on 100% wool felt, which did scorch slightly but the colour returned to normal after a few minutes so I wasn’t too worried. I used scissors to cut the vinyl which was a little tricky, but only, I think, because I decided to cut out something so small. And voila! Here is my first little mini make!

I also had a go at cutting the vinyl using a paper punch. This was not very successful, the punch was just not sharp enough to get through the protective plastic sheet that covers the metallic surface. However a hole punch was fine, and I managed, inspired by my sweatshirt, to create beautiful metallic spotted linen. Here is the finished result with my embroidery design. 

I also tried it with the copper sheet.

The only no-no with this vinyl is not to use a biro to draw the shapes you want to cut. The biro seeps into the fabric during ironing and creates a rather obvious line round the shape, I’d recommend using a pencil! 

I found it trickier with larger pieces to get the heat evenly distributed so this is something to practice, as they have buckled slightly. I’d like to play around with different textured fabrics for appliqué. Applying the vinyl to felt gives a wonderful, almost leathery texture. I’m really impressed with this stuff, the effects are great. I’m looking forward to playing around with some Christmas ideas too, expect to see a lot more metallics from me! 


Disclaimer- I am not affiliated with Cloud Craft in any way, just a very happy customer of their products and service! 

10 thoughts on “Crafting Gold (and silver and bronze!)

  1. I love Cloudcraft too and I have used the iron on glitter sheets, they are great to work with and so easy no glitter flying all over the place either. I must try these ones out, gives your pieces a nice lift.

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  2. Such a handy review – I didn’t know that about the biro but I’m pleased I do now. I love how you’ve added little pops of metallics on your designs. I’ll be looking out for your Christmas ones! Thanks so much for the kind review Teresa 😊.

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    1. You are very welcome, my pleasure entirely! I’ve really enjoyed using them.
      The discovery of the biro marks was entirely accidental, and I might not even have noticed on darker fabric. I just did a little line of embroidery to cover it up!


  3. My brogues from Clark’s have lasted me years, they’re not shiny but I love em! 😀
    I would love to get my hands on some of this stuff, and the glittery stuff that Maura uses. Thinking ahead to Christmas and I might just have to go shopping! I love how you’ve used it in your work. When I saw the pics on IG I thought it was the fabric you’d used.

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