April catch up 

It’s been ages since I popped by on my blog. When I’m busy it’s the first thing to get neglected, which is rather sad as I really enjoy writing it. Anyway, here I am, with a quick update about what I’ve been up to and some upcoming events too.
I’ve been doing a LOT of embroidery. All of this is in preparation for Sherwood Art Week which is taking place in June. I’m really excited as I am taking part in two events- my embroidery will be on display in the Art in Shops exhibition and also an exhibition at Sherwood Methodist Church where I will be exhibiting as a real Textile Artist. I’m doing a happy dance about that, even though I’m really nervous too! I’ll be sharing lots more info on this soon.

I made a new crochet cardi- the Sunday Funday Cardi by Claudine of Iron Lamb. It’s so warm and cozy! It’s a straightforward make with only the shoulder seams to sew. I used Stylecraft Special Aran in Empire, and it took a bit less than 6 balls. I did the first sleeve probably about five times in total, as I kept going wrong and pulling it out but this is not a reflection on the pattern, it’s just my inability to count and remember the number!  I’m already planning another Sunday Funday Cardi.

Other stuff I got up to in April included a mini break in Glasgow during the Easter holidays. We went with the children and had a great time despite the rain and cold. I’d really recommend going to the Science Centre and the Riverside Museum, which were both great. We booked an apartment with AirBNB which had a good view over the river. It’s a really friendly city which makes it a lot more pleasant when you are dragging tired and grumpy children home on the subway! We had a lot of museum trips in April due to the generally rubbish weather. The Space Centre in Leicester was a great day out with friends, and also Tattersall Castle in Lincolnshire. I was thrilled that both of my children had a try on a spinning wheel (and a bit jealous!); they both got to keep the little piece of yarn they made, which was taken into school for show and tell. I’m such a happy mum when my children are enjoying my interests with me!

Science Centre fun! 

Our river view.

My proud mum moment!


10 thoughts on “April catch up 

  1. Love seeing your pieces on IG. Must be great to showcase them ! Glasgow sounded nice have never been there only Edinburgh I’m afraid but love like to go back to Scotland .

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes I’d like to see more of Scotland, my sister used to live there while I was at uni so I didn’t get to visit much.
      I’m nervous and excited in equal parts about the exhibition 😬


  2. your embroidery is so beautiful! I’ll definitely come along to your exhibition – St Martin’s is on Mansfield Road isn’t it? I only get to see Art in the Shops when the shops are shut but last year I also went to a couple of craft markets in Sherwood Art Week. The problem for me is that most of the activities are during the day, during the week! I’m not from Sherwood so maybe I shouldn’t complain (but I’m not far away)!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you!
      I have the same problem with SAW – things being in the day! It’s a good week though even if at the moment I feel really stressed about it!! 😆
      I’ll let you know more about the exhibition and so on hopefully very soon! X

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