Behind the Scenes: Post and Packaging

Selling your work online means doing a lot of wrapping and posting of parcels. Receiving one of these parcels is the biggest part of the customer’s experience of buying from you, and you want it to be a good one. I also want my packaging to be re-usable and recyclable. As I will be increasing my postage prices on Monday (due to a price rise at Royal Mail) I wanted to share a little more detail about my packaging.

Parcel with contents wrapped in tissue

I wrap all my products in tissue paper and fasten this with a sticker or paper tape.

I add a business card and a hand written note to the customer.

Close up of business card and note

This is all popped into a letterbox friendly card envelope, and if there are any gaps where the product might slip around these are stuffed with shredded paper.

The box is sealed with paper parcel tape, and a Shirley Rainbow logo and return address sticker (both paper) are added. The customer’s address is written on the envelope and off it all goes!

It has taken me a while to get this process right, however I’m really happy with it all now, and I’d like to think customers can reuse the tissue and box for sending their own parcels, and any shredded paper can be recycled or added to a compost bin! Very occasionally I will use reused bubble wrap, although I try to stay plastic free.

All my orders are sent 1st class with Royal Mail. As I mentioned earlier my prices will be going up on Monday to £2 per parcel. At the moment I am only sending to UK addresses, however I am keeping a close eye on several small business advice groups I’m part of, to see how to proceed with the new arrangements re selling to the EU, after Brexit. Hopefully then I can resume offering postage outside of the UK!

Its really important to me that my products, which are made with so much love, care and attention are sent to my customer in a way that reflects this. I‘ve had some lovely reviews recently, in my Folksy shop regarding my packaging, which makes me think I have got it right! Hurray!


I'd love to hear any comments you have!

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