Crochet Star Bauble- Free Pattern!Β 

I’ve been very impressed over on Instagram by beautiful crocheted baubles. I obviously wanted to have a go at them myself, but to my absolute frustration none of the patterns I used seemed to work for me! They just didn’t fit the baubles I have. It’s either a tension thing, or something, I couldn’t work it out. So, undaunted (actually I was really irritated with myself) I made up my own pattern. And here it is… I hope you enjoy it!

To fit a bauble sized 6cm diameter. 

I used Stylecraft DK and a 4mm hook. I changed colour on each round.

Pattern in UK terms. 

Make 2. 

Chain 5, join with slst into first chain to make a ring.
Round 1: ch3, 11tr into ring and join with a slst into ch3. 12 st. Fasten off yarn.
Round 2: join in new colour between any two stitches- not into the top of the st. Ch3, 2tr into same space. Miss two st, 3tr into space 5 times, join with a slst into ch3. Fasten off. (18 st.)
Round 3: join new colour into any st. ch2, then work a 2tr bobble st into same st. Next st, work a 3tr bobble st, and repeat in every st round, join into ch2 and fasten off. (18st).
Round 4: join new colour in between any stitch. Ch 3, 1 tr into same st. Skip a st, 2 tr in next st, all around, join with a slst into ch3 and fasten off.
Round 5: join new colour in between 2 tr st, ch2, 1htr into same st. Skip a st, 2htr into next st, work all the way round and join with a slst into ch2, fasten off. 
To fasten the ends off I just knotted both ends together of each round tightly and cut off the excess. As the inside of the bauble is not going to be seen again or moved around I’m sure this will be sufficient! 
Sew the two halves together using a couple of whip stitches, then pop a bauble or polystyrene ball into one half and continue to whip st round joining the two halves together. Fasten yarn off and add a hanging loop. Hang on your Christmas tree and admire! 

To make a larger bauble 9cm diameter add the following 2 rounds after round 4:

Round 5: join new colour between two tr in the same st, work between st not into the top, ch 2, 2tr bobble st into the same space, ch1, then work a 3tr bobble st in between the next two tr from round 4. Work all the way round and join using a slst into ch2. Fasten off.

Round 6: join new colour into any st, ch1, dc into every st round, fasten with a slst.
Continue with Round 5 as Round 7.

I couldn’t resist making a mustard and grey bauble! 

Note: I hope you enjoy making your bauble. If you have any questions about the pattern please ask and I will help! If you make one and want to share it, tag me @shirleyrainbow_tb on Instagram, I’d love to see! Or pop a picture on my Facebook page, link in the sidebar. 

Please credit Shirley Rainbow if you make these baubles to sell, thank you 😊 


Happy Scrappy Crochet Garland- free pattern



I hope you’ve had a good weekend!

I’ve made a little garland for my daughters bedroom, and as it was really quick and easy to make I thought I’d share how to make it here! The style of this garland is not my own idea, I’ve seen several like this on Pinterest but this is my own version.

I used DK yarn and a 3mm hook for a dense, firm texture to my Granny Stars, but use any thicker yarn and a slightly smaller than recommended hook for the same result, but just a bit bigger than mine! My daughter, who is 2, chose the ribbons and I think she did pretty well!

You will need:
Small amount of yarn for Granny Stars, I used an acrylic yarn, no idea what brand though!
Small amount on contrast yarn for hanging cord, I used some Rico Essentials Cotton
Scraps of ribbon in matching or contrast colours

Granny Stars- make 5, UK terms

( I’m calling them Granny Stars because they are made using clusters of trebles, like a Granny Square!)

Chain 5, use a slip st to join and make a ring.
Chain 3, 2 trebles into ring, chain 3, *3 trebles into ring, chain 3* 4 times (5 clusters and 5 ch spaces) join using slip st to join round.

Chain 6, 3 trebles into first chain space, *chain 3, 3 trebles * until final chain space, do 2 trebles and join using a slip stitch to 3rd chain in first ch6 made. Fasten off.

Using a contrasting yarn chain approx 20 stitches. Using a scrap of ribbon or lace, crochet over the middle of the ribbon to catch it firmly between the stitches. I didn’t count stitches between pieces of ribbon or stars, but there is approx 20-30 stitches between each piece. Continue like this adding a star and piece of ribbon alternately. (The order I used was 2 pieces of ribbon, star, ribbon, star, ribbon, star, ribbon, star, ribbon, star, ribbon, 2 pieces of ribbon) Finish with 20 chains and fasten off.

Weave in ends and ta-dah!! You’ve made a cute little garland!


This is the first time I’ve written a crochet pattern so if there is anything you don’t understand please get in touch and I’ll do my best to help! If you do make a garland I’d LOVE to see it- email, or tag me on Twitter or Instagram (links to my accounts are on the right).

I’ve hung my garland on the window frame, using a bit of tape, so it’s a really quick way to decorate a space.

Teresa xx