Summer Shenanigans- Crochet Rope Basket

Hello there! It’s really been quite a long time since I popped by here. Everything is fine, the summer holidays have meant a bit of a slow down over here at Shirley Rainbow HQ. I’m busy behind the scenes though!

I thought I’d share a bit of a blog round up of summer shenanigans so here goes part one… Crochet Rope Basket

This was a bit of a hit on Instagram the other day, which took me by surprise! It was a really simple, and quick, make which I made up as I went along. I’d seen some similar baskets on Pinterest which were made with much chunkier rope. I had a left over ball of Bobbiny Rope from when I made my Half Moon Bag earlier this year, and I wondered if I’d be able to achieve the same kind of results with it.

The pink yarn is one I bought in Hobbycraft. I can’t remember the name of it though! It is an acrylic yarn which has a rainbow coloured cotton yarn twisted in, and it’s a DK yarn. Any similar yarn would work though, and I used a 3.5mm hook for a tight tension.

I made a chain loop of 3 chains and then 6 dc into the loop. Then I caught the Bobbiny yarn and crocheted over it, making 2 dc into each dc from the previous round.

I continued working in a spiral, increasing evenly as I went along, but I didn’t count any stitches, I just kept making sure the circle was smooth around the outside. Counting from the middle there are 9 ‘rounds’. The last round is worked with only 1dc in each stitch around.

I then did a round working only into the back loops to start the side of the basket.

The sides of the basket are worked by doing 1dc into each dc of the previous round. There are 16 rounds in total for the sides.

At the end of the 16th round I cut the bobbiny rope and folded it back, I crocheted 6dc over the folded bit to secure the end.

I then turned the basket and worked another dc round just using the pink yarn. The top of the sides are folded over to give more structure.

And that’s it! A super quick and even though I say so myself, a super cute little basket! Any further questions about how to make this just leave me a comment, thank you.

As you can see I’ve still got a little bit more rope left so I’ll be making another basket very soon! I’m going to be addicted!

Teresa x


Selfish January Crafting

We are over a week into February and I thought I’d share what I got up to during January, my selfish crafting month! 

I made a pair of Ultimate Trousers, by Sew Over It.  They were pretty straight forward to make and I’m rather pleased I finally tackled making some trousers. 

I made an Emery Dress, by Christine Haynes. I love it and I’m planning on making many more! 

I started a revamp of the cushions in my living room. My husband and I are rather bored of the ones that came with the sofa, so I’ve been told I can ‘go mad’ with making some new ones. First up is a crocheted cover, using Stylecraft Special DK, in these colours. I just need to decide how to join the squares and it will be done.

I made this little Happy Scrappy Garland, for my daughter’s bedroom. 

I made some custom Valentines Cards… Which I can’t share anywhere yet! I hope the customers will be happy with them on Sunday. Finally, I also revamped my website! I bought my domain name a couple of years ago, and my dad created a simple site that directed people to my Folksy shop. I’ve now given it an overhaul and added a few more pages and information (yes, all on my own!  I’m rather pleased with myself!)  There is more to come, but if you fancy a nosey, click here, or visit ! Let me know what you think, or if you have any suggestions. 
Here’s to a creative February!

Teresa x