#craftblogclub Challenge: ‘Firsts’


After a lovely busy half term holiday seeing friends and family a Craft Blog Club challenge is the perfect way to ease myself back into doing some work!

I discovered the Craft Blog Club on Twitter, just by stumbling across a random tweet. I have joined in with a few of the lovely crafty chats now and thought I’d have a go at this challenge. The theme is ‘firsts’ so I thought I’d share my first sewing project ever.

My crazy hedgehog pincushion This is it- the hedgehog pincushion I made when I was about six or seven. My mother helped my sister and I both to make one, and bought us some very jazzy pins too (the plastic headed pins you can see are, I believe, some of the originals!).

I used this pincushion for years but recently retired him when I was given a fancy new pincushion (and matching needle case) for Christmas last year.  He now lives a life of leisure in my sewing box.

I’m still rather pleased with this first sewing project. Wobbly stitches and garish colours aside, he has been a functioning pincushion for over 25 years! And I made a brave attempt at satin stitch…possibly a little over ambitious!  I still like working with felt, and also trying new embroidery stitches, so this little hedgehog was definitely the beginning of a lifelong love of sewing.

Now I’ve posted this blog I’m off to have a look at the other #craftblogclub ‘firsts’ posts!

Teresa X

PS, if you would like to see any of my other felt and embroidery projects, please have a look at my shop!


8 thoughts on “#craftblogclub Challenge: ‘Firsts’

    1. Thank you Fiona! It was a fun challenge, I’m glad I joined in!

      I’ve just tried to post a comment on your blog post, but WordPress and Blogspot are not being friends tonight. I’m going to keep trying and fingers crossed I can suss it.

      Teresa x


  1. Your little hedgehog is so cute! I wish I had held onto my first rag doll – she was made of gingham fabric with a wonkily embroidered face, but I was amazed that I had managed to create this little character with a life of her own from fabric and threads.

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